About Me.

Hi there, I'm Chris Bale, The Guernsey Bird Nerd. I am a photographer who specialises in bird photography.

I am passionate about my subjects and their environment especially with regards to local conservation and protection issues. Using my images I publicise and promote responsible usage of our great outdoors here in Guernsey and I will always encourage people to respect our beautiful Island and all it's inhabitants.

I have been exhibiting and selling my work for four years through local markets, galleries my website (www.guernseybirdnerd.com) and social media. I am a member of the Master's Guild here in Guernsey which is a quality assurance guide for those who have conducted two, or more, solo exhibitions. It guarantees quality and shows a substantial and high quality catalog of work.

You can always find me on Facebook. Chris Bale-Guernsey Bird Nerd

Or through my website www.guernseybirdnerd.com